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Hi everyone!
I’m back. Took long enough.  Guess I just needed a break. I kept up with all ya’ll blogs now and it’s great to see so many sticking it out and trying their best at being healthy.

That’s what I’ve been doing but not always with success.
My epilepsy is well under control. I am happy about that 🙂

My bipolar is not entirely unstable but not great either. For some stupid reason I went off my zyprexa and experienced my first hypomanic state which is pretty interesting. I could do so much and function so well but then I became so irritable…and angry. I lashed out at everyone and stopped being able to concentrate which is terrible when you’re in you final semester of your final year of your BA degree!

I swung abit towards depression then too…and spent days in bed. Which is extremely unlike me

I knew something was up but didn’t really realize it until things got really bad with my boyfriend. So a few days ago I saw my doc and he has now put me on 5mg of Abilify which has so far made me restless/lethargic/hyperactive.
Weird hey?

So if any of ya’ll have some experience with Abilify please let me know your stories. Cause I’m finding this med incredibly strange right now.

Other than this short blog I dont have much to say. Again.

But my ramblings will come soon.

Take care everyone xxx

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The Reason

I started this blog as a way to to inform people about epilepsy and bi polar. I wanted to talk about my feelings a bit, to share things, I wanted it to be informative…

But somewhere a long the line I got lost under the words. It just turned so, so depressive.

Geez, self loathing? Anger? Depression? Here I am going on and on about forgiveness and moving on but this blog has just turned into a tangling mess of anger and sadness.

But no more. It’s time to get my sense of humour back. It’s time to write about all the things I wanted to write about. To get back to who I was. Who I am.

It’s time to grow up and get over it,




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Cup of Coffee

Every morning I sit and enjoy a nice strong cup of coffee and I sit and read through all the blogs that I follow. Though I don’t comment much I do enjoy all of your writing. You are all such interesting people! I often use this time to think and reflect a bit. I listen to some music and just sit and just be me. Lately I’ve been thinking of how far I’ve come since my world crumbled down last October. Oh, that dreadful few weeks where I just lost control completely. When I lost me completely.

And now look. I have never been so happy in my relationships with my family. I have this beautiful and wonderful man in my life. I am so excited about my future, I’m almost done with the first semester of my last year. I will have a BA degree in Psychology soon. Just on my way to getting my qualifications that are needed for me to call myself a Psychologist. I plan to branch off into the forensic field. I’ve already got my eye set on the place I want to work – IPS  and their forensic and investigative psychology unit.

Saturday night I went and saw Metallica live in concert with 3 of my brothers and S. It was amazing! We don’t often get such big acts here in South Africa, but when we do, it is awesome 🙂

I’ve also started saving for a trip I want to take at the end of the year with my boyfriend. Maybe to Thailand. Considering I have a small part time job and a student budget it”s going to be a bit tricky. I have this savings account that my grandmother set up for me to use to complete my studies. For the past 3 years I have gotten bursaries for getting my distinctions for different subjects. I’m going to use the money I have saved from these bursaries to contribute to my trip as a little graduation present. All that studying has BEEN SO WORTH IT!

Well I don’t have much to say really.

OH, I had a brief stay in hospital. But I’ll blog about that later when I have more time. It’s an interesting story.

But now I’m going to drink my coffee and carry on reading all your blogs 🙂




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Quick Update!

Hey guys!
Sorry I’ve been so quiet. Just haven’t had much to say. I’ve been checking up on all of you though 🙂

I go back to varsity on Monday. And I’m really excited. I’ve been on holiday for almost 3 months and it’s just too much now. I find when I’m not keeping my mind busy it wonders too far. I get depressed, I get a bit manic. I drink and smoke or I punish myself at gym. I go out with some friends or I lock myself in my room with my lap top. So many ups and downs.

So it’s definitely time for me to get out there again, do something excited. It’s the final year of my BA. I have so much to look forward to.

I’ve been a bit hyper for a bit, haven’t been eating or sleeping well. And I only realized last night. I asked my doctor to lower my meds a bit, cause I was feeling so great. But I now I don’t think it’s so wise. I’m just watching myself very carefully.

Everything will be okay.

There’s been a few changes. I’ve lost a good friend due to my less than classy behaviour. But it’s ok, I feel strangely fine with it. I’m slowly weeding out all the poisonous people in my life.
Anybody who brings me down or makes me feel bad about myself… I say a very quick goodbye.

I’m still on this path of forgiveness. Forgiving myself and those who’ve hurt me. And anyone who wants to intentionally make me feel horrible…well they can just fuck right off 🙂

Well anyway, just a quick update.
Hope everyone is taking care of themselves.

Big hugs


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Liebster Nomination :)

I got nominated for a Liebster award by Merbear264 whose very interesting blog you can find here : . I really appreciate it and think this whole thing is very cool. If I understand correctly you have to list 11 things about yourself, then ask 11 questions and nominate 11 other people who have less than 200 followers?

I think it’s really cool 🙂

So here are 11 things about myself:

1. I have a one year old baby girl, who is the light of my life. I had her at 19. It taught me a lot!

2. I love to write. Even though I’m studying psychology, I hope to be a writer someday

3. I live in sunny South Africa, we have some crazy politics, but it’s a beautiful country.

4. I would love to go to Pairs someday.

5. I love to read. I could devour 3 or 4 books at a time on my e-reader

6. When I retire, I hope to open up a joint bookstore and coffee shop where people can just read and be themselves 🙂

7. I only drink decaff coffee, and have about 6 cups a day!

8. I love biltong (which is beef jerkey for all you non SA’s out there, but here, it tastes amazing!)

9. I really don’t like cats that much

10. I am petrified of fish! It’s like a phobia

11. This blog keeps me sane

Okay, now to answer merbear’s questions 🙂

1. Fact or fiction? Fiction!!

2.What is your favorite animal and why? Koala bear, they just look so cute and cuddly

3. Do you think being rich would make you happy? I think it might, especially if I could share that money with other people. I live in a relatively impoverished nation.

4. Are you bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning, or grumpasauras rex? BIG TIME grumpassaruas!

5. What is your favorite dessert? I don’t really like sweet stuff!

6. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Getting my thoughts out of my head, and providing information on epilepsy and bi polar to some of my friends and other people who don’t understand it 100%

7. Do you like reality TV shows? NO NO NO. But I watch them in secret when I need to switch off my brain

8. If you could have lunch with one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be? Nelson Mandela

9. What is your favorite breakfast cereal? I don’t really eat breakfast, bad I know! But it would have to be cocoa pops

10. Do you believe that love is all we need? Not really, you can’t eat love, you can’t find shelter in love, love doesn’t send your kids to school. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love is important, but we need to take care of our basic needs first.

11. Chocolate or vanilla? Possibly strawberry? I love vanilla!

Now for the blogs I nominate :

1. Australopith at

2. Wynter’s Life at

3. Zaarmeenk at

4. Raising 5 kids with Disabilities at

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6. Slightly Manic Mummy at

7. Brain Cooties at

8. Cute. But Psycho at

9. Ginzgg at

10. Your Bipolar Girl at

11. Forcing myself Happy at

Here are my questions :

1. Why do you blog?

2. Favorite colour?:

3. 3 things you love about yourself (don’t be shy!):

4. Favorite song:

5. Do you think voting is important?

6. What is your ultimate dream?:

7. Who was your first crush or infatuation?:

8. Would you rather be cremated or buried? (depressing I know, but death is inevitable!):

9. Do you have any children or do you want to have children someday?:

10. What is your secret talent?:

11. What is on your mind right now (the last thing you ate maybe?):

Okay cool! Here’s more info 🙂

There are 4 steps to receiving this award..

  1. List 11 things about yourself.
  2. Answer your nominator’s 11 questions.
  3. Choose up to 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and ask them your own questions.
  4. Inform your nominees of their award nominations.

Have a good day everyone!! xxxx


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